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~ September 8th, 2018 - March 2019 ~

Playing with Chess

This traveling exhibition brings together the work of 23 artists to continue the tradition begun in the 1944 show, The Imaginary Chess, in NYC, organized by Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, and more. In homage to this tradition Texas Tech University Associate Professor in the School of Art, Future Atkins, has organized this exhibition to explore and celebrate artists' take on the classic game. The work consists of glass, clay, collage, assemblage, painting and metal pieces. The styles range from traditional to conceptual, historical to contemporary, mythical to practical.

Texas Tech University Satellite Gallery, Lubbock, TX: July 6th - August 3rd

Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX: September 8th - November 25th, 2018

Sul Ross University, Alpine, TX: December 3rd - February 27th, 2018/19

Lone Star College - Montgomery Campus, Houston, TX: March 2019

"Life's Check on Marriage"

“Life is like a game of chess, changing with every move.” This notion spoke to me as I was researching what I wanted to create for this show. Having never played chess before, I was unsure how to relate to the mechanics of the actual game, so I reverted back to the notion and began designing according to my own experience.

LIFE (brass) vs. MARRIAGE (copper)

Throughout its duration, life will attack (or check) a marriage at any given point. Life is made up of crucial elements that, depending on how you use or respond to them, determines the quality and direction of your marriage. The queen is the most powerful in the game of chess; how we use the time we are given in life is powerful over marriage contentment and longevity. Words spouses use towards or against each other are the king of life. The remaining chess pieces represent money, addiction, responsibilities, and family; as they are the remaining crucial elements of life and supporters of time and words. In its defense, the queen of marriage moves into consolidation when all the crucial elements of life threaten to checkmate the king of marriage. The queen always protects her king.

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